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Sybian Reviews

Better Doctors Because of Sybian

Dear Karen, Thank You!! The Sybian arrived in the UK 3 days after you despatched it. We were able to follow its journey courtesy of UPS's brilliant tracking system and were delighted to find that the import tax was only $208.00. My wife and I are Family Physicians in rural England and are "on-call" nearly all the time with no control over when 'the bleep' is going to go. However we decided to give it a try straight away . We watched your video which reassured us that the extremes of noisy ecstasy portrayed by the 'Screaming Orgasms' series wasn't what was expected! K was a bit non-plussed by the size of some of the attachments as she isn't the biggest girl in the world so we chose 'the flat bit' to start.. A very nice and most unusually pleasant sensation. Very relaxing. I sat behind her in the warmth of our bedroom while she lent on the bed and then tried the smallest of the inserts. We were very careful with the controls, having read that a lot of women are put off by the extremes of vibrations that can be acheived, which can border on the painful. K quickly went limp and relaxed into a series of effortless orgasms that made time fly! The bleep went off in the middle of it so I had to answer the phone but she was oblivious to the urgency of the call. Thank goodness I was still in a sensible frame of mind and was able to deal with the problem! My joy came later when K was 'oh-so-keen' to empty my throbbing prostate, having worked up her innards to the point of wanting to be totally satisfied by feeling me come inside her. It is only three days since we took possession of your Sybian but in that time we have already become better Doctors. We have come to think that so much of the stress, unhappiness and illness in our daily work is caused by all of us feeling that uninhibited sexual pleasure is naughty and embarassing. Many in our community would be shocked at what we have done. However it is such a genuinely nice experience shared between two people who love each other so much that we cannot think it is wrong. The children are off at college now and we hope they will find partners who can enjoy the real pleasures of sex long before we did! As we sit in front of our patients with that extraordinary sense of pelvic fulfilment we are very grateful for the efforts that your team have made to bring such a super peice of kit to the marketplace! Well done. Please feel free to include this in your marketing material because we think our workload could be halved if everyone was to have one of these extraordinary machines!!

Yours Sincerely, M and K

Hot Sybian Suprise

I was totally turned on the minute I ran across this machine on the internet. I bought one for my wife just before Xmas. I called her cell phone and left the following message, "If you want the most incredible sexual experience of your life, you must call me back and say one word, yes or no. If you ask one single question the deal is off." She called back and said "Yes". The game was on. When she got home, I kissed her deeply, blindfolded her and took her to the bedroom. I put her down on her knees with me in front of her. We engaged in some hot foreplay with her not knowing what was going to happen. I took your Glide lubricant and deeply lubricated her with my fingers. By now she was ready. I bent her forward on her hands and knees. She thought that I was going to enter her from behind. Instead I slid the Sybian between her legs from behind and guided her down on it. My heart is racing at this point, not knowing what her reaction will be, good or bad. So far she is really liking what ever it is that is being done to her. I slowly started the rotation, then the vibration. She instantly loved what was happening. I positioned myself in front of her and played with her as the vibrations increased. It only took a minute and she had her FIRST orgasm. I lost count how many she had. She came like she never has before. She was dripping in sweat when she finally was spent. She was so weak, I had to help her off of the machine. She was unable to walk for 15 minutes. We talked and laughed for days afterwards. When I told her what I paid for it, she about fell over but said,"DO NOT SEND IT BACK." That is my little story, hope you enjoyed it. Every time we use it, the experience is better and better. You have come up with an incredible product. My hat goes off to you. Thank you.

Mr. W.

Ambitious claims?

Hello Abco, In the advertising for Sybian you make some pretty ambitious claims as to the performance of the Sybian machine. I ordered one on a Monday and was promised it would be delivered by Wednesday. My first reaction to such a short delivery promise was, "yeah.....right". Not only did it make it by Wednesday, but UPS attempted to deliver it on TUESDAY! I did in fact receive it the next day, and inspite of the fact that I know she's usually very reluctant to try new things, let her know that if she decided to try it out before I returned home from work, that it was okay and that she need not wait for me to be there with her. Much to my surprise and delight, she did in fact try it out and then CALLED me at work to let me know that it did indeed work very well, and that she was VERY pleased with our new purchase. Since then, we've tried out all the additional inserts that we ordered with the machine, and couldn't be happier. Sybian not only lives up to some pretty ambitious claims, but surpasses them. Thanks, Sincerely, S.F.

Brought Closeness...

First Orgasm Ever

..."We have been married for 17 years and I always thought our sex life was okay, but I didn't get too excited about it. So I decided to humor my husband when he eagerly presented me with a Sybian for our anniversary... I can hardly describe the feeling I had when my body just exploded. It was just unreal what happened to me. I soon realized that at the age of 38, with Sybian, I had my first orgasm ever... I have now started having orgasms while making love to my husband, and I have Sybian to thank."


Saved Our Marriage

... "Neither my husband nor I had much previous sexual experience before our marriage twelve years ago. He is a good man but he didn't satisfy my sexual needs. I need prolonged, direct clitoral stimulation to reach orgasm. He is not very good at that, so I wasn't in the mood very often. Our sexual frustration was becoming a real problem between us. I sent for literature on Sybian and decided it would cost less than counseling. Once I got used to having climaxes easily with Sybian, we began using it in our lovemaking. I am now eager for sex with him, knowing there will be no frustration. The change in our lives has been dramatic. I know that sexual problems have ended many marriages and without Sybian ours may have gone that way."

Shreveport, LA

Recently Divorced

... "I was recently divorced and have two young children. I have dated several men casually, but I'm not ready for a relationship yet. And I don't want to make love to someone I don't know and trust, especially with the AIDS situation. My ex-husband subscribed to Forum, and I found the issue that had an article about Sybian... now I don't need to date for sex. Hopefully I will fall in love again and live happily ever after, but until I do, I have Sybian."

Independence, MO

Nympho's Hubby Travels

... "My husband's business frequently takes him out of town for days at a time. Some might consider me a nymphomaniac since I like sex at least daily. When I saw your ad for Sybian, I sent for information. I showed the material to my husband and he insisted we get one. He confessed he worried about my sexual appetite when he was away, and was thrilled with the idea of a mechanical surrogate... Sybian has taken the tension out of my lonely nights and my husband can rest easy knowing my needs are being satisfied while he's away."

ARB Newark, NJ

Sex Gets Better

... "Sybian arrived on Christmas Eve, as you promised, and we tried it Christmas night. My wife had an orgasm the very first time and things have been going up from there. I guess she would have been considered multi-orgasmic before, but now she is more so. You quoted Dr. Crenshaw, 'the more sex you have, the more sex you will want, and the more sexually responsive you will be.' This really has happened to both of us... it's great."

LDF Nashville

Downright Exciting

... "I am so excited and pleased with what Sybian has done for us that I want to say thank you. My wife took to it right away. We had what I thought was a rather good sex life and I was aware that I didn't always satisfy her. That turns out to be a gross understatement. When she uses Sybian she rolls her eyes back in her head and disappears into another world. It is really exciting for me to hold her. In fact, I have done something I have never done before. I have had two orgasms on several occasion . We make love before she uses Sybian. I get so excited when she is on it that I have her get off and I can go again. I used to think she was good in bed but now she is downright exciting."


Sex After 60

... "I have had Sybian now for nine weeks. I ordered it to help with stress. I was not orgasmic the first few times I used it but it did feel good so I was not discouraged. Soon I learned to be orgasmic every time, and now I am multi-orgasmic and it's beautiful. I did not have a particularly good marriage sexually and thought I was lucky if I had one orgasm when we had sex... At age 63 I can still learn. Having many orgasms is multiplying the first by however many you have, and then some. They seem to get better as you go along. The other interesting thing is that I have accomplished what I wanted to. I use Sybian after work and it melts away the pressure of the day. I feel relaxed all evening."

MDT Berkeley, CA

He Loves It Too

... "We think your literature should place more emphasis on the enjoyment and satisfaction received by the partner... My husband loves to hold me while I am using Sybian and encourages me to use it often. This just heightens my enjoyment... We use it a lot and now consider it an integral part of our lovemaking...since we started using Sybian our knowledge of our sexual capacity and our enjoyment of sex has increased by multiples."


Love My Sybian

"This letter is long overdue... Our Sybian arrived December 24, 1988. I set it up in our bedroom and waited for her to see it. Her response was, 'Oh, my gawd'! After showing her the mechanics and reading the instructions with her, I left her alone to experiment (I think this is important). It was gratifying to see her come downstairs with flushed body, tears on her cheeks, and complete satisfaction written all over her. "She has not stopped using SYBIAN since. Sometimes with me, sometimes without me, it has become an integral, aphrodisiacal, and exciting part of our sexual activities... In her words: 'I cannot express in words what it does to my body. It not only prove provides for relief of tensions and the ultimate of orgasmic satisfaction, but that unexplainable feeling from within that completely satiates my sexual desires. Only a woman can understand. Many times after "riding" SYBIAN and fulfilling my orgasmic desires, I can only think how much better it is than masturbating. I love it. Thanks.'"


Single's Success Story

"I am single, in my 50's, and have had "Bunny Hopper" (that's what I call it) for nearly 3 years. I had several women use it when I first got it and then all of a sudden I had women coming up to me or calling on the phone asking if they could come by and use it. I met a lot of fun ladies this way. Got so I couldn't keep up, so now I let some come by and use it while I'm at work. Would guess 45 or 50 have used it so far. Most are in their 40's or 50's but several are younger. I'm only aware of one who at did not have orgasms on the first try. "Bunny Hopper" has been used several hundred hours, could be 1000, and hasn't missed a beat. It's indestructible. I've had more fun with this than I could describe. Best investment I ever made. Someone could do a helluva story about my experience and they wouldn't have to flower it."

In VA near DC

Abco note: We were hesitant to use this testimonial for fear some would not believe it; however, we have talked with this man as well as an acquaintance of his and believe it to be true and accurate. We can verify that he has purchased a lot of inserts. Maybe someone should write his story.

SYBIAN - Good Teacher

"... With a small hand vibrator, I had my first orgasm ever at age 31, 11 years into my marriage. I was soon able to pop off dozens with the vibrator but in 8 more years of marriage this never happened during sex with my husband...""Three years ago I was divorced and I decided not to play the field. Instead, I purchased a Sybian. I could not possibly put into words how much better orgasms are with Sybian. I rode it frequently..." "I met, and 6 months ago married, a wonderful man. From the beginning I have had orgasms easily with him. I can have orgasm after orgasm for as long as we make love. I have no other explanation for this than my experience with Sybian. I would not trade my present sexuality for any amount of money... My husband and I use Sybian as a regular part of our lovemaking... Dave, if I ever meet you, I would like to give you a big hug and say thanks."


AJ Trumped!

"Thanks for taking my order for the V-2K last evening (Thursday).I really liked the results of my quick test of the receiver I received in themail yesterday. I thought you might like to know how things went.As I mentioned I have used and improved the AcuJack over several decades.It even works fairly well with the new receiver however it is quite limitedin power for that type of device.I look forward to using the V-2K unit and can tell by the photos and descriptionthat it is leagues advanced from the AJ."

Satisfied in Etherland!

Unexpected Pleasures!

"Something rather unexpected happened when I was anticipating an afternoon of nude sunbathing with a new lover. Mike and I had beenfooling around when he asked if I had ever heard of a Sybian. I think he enjoyed the rather shocked look I gave him. I had of course heard of it, but had never had the opportunity to take a test-ride. As I watched him set it in place, it all struck me as dull.No bells or whistles, no garish colors or funny bunny attachments. This can't possibly be the ultimate orgasm machine. But I had to see what all of the fuss was about, and it is rude to turn-down a host's hospitality. Proper lubrication and basic instruction took very little time and soon I was perched on heaven. Enjoying the experience and not wanting to orgasm too quick conflicted with curiosity. What is the machine capable of? How fast can it vibrate and how quickly can it rotate? Watching me probed to orgasm aroused my lover into slightly more conventional sexual activities. That's when something rather interesting occurred. As he entered I expected some sensory fatigue, but experienced quite the opposite. Rather than being de-sensitized by the experience, it was as if all of my nerve endings had been enhanced. Feeling every ridge and vein, it was beyond stimulating. I can't wait for another go! "

A. N. In California

A special 25th Anniversary present!

"We took our Sybian to a local party last night. We brought the entirearray of attachments. Wow was it a hit! One "first timer" used the"double" and had 5 consecutive extremely vocal orgasms. This is anincredible device.If any of your customers have any doubts about the greatness of "Mr.Sybian" have them contact us via email.This was Christines 25th Anniversary present. After experiencing thiswith her, I wish it would have been a wedding present."

Mark & Christine Birmingham, AL (USA)

A report from Texas

"When I bought the Sybian for my girlfriend as a 2year “going steady” gift, she thought I had lostmy mind. She couldn't believe anyone would spendthat much money on a sex toy.After a few weeks, she finally gave in and tookit for a ride. Incredible is an understatement!!Her orgasms are so intense, that when she isfinished she is also totally spent. I have tohelp her off of it and onto the bed. Sheliterally lies on the bed for 15 to 20 minuteswrithing and squirming. After that, she is readyto screw. I once had thoughts of her giving meoral sex while she was on the Sybian. No way!I’m afraid that during one of her convulsing,screaming orgasms, that she might get too carriedaway and bite me! Ha!Anyway, her Sybian is lovingly called “Trigger”and she saddles up on it whenever she wants. Shelikes for me to pinch her nip**** and slap hera** while she builds to a crotch grinding, eardrum splitting, screaming orgasm. At the age of48, she says she has had a lot of orgasms, butnothing like the ones with the Sybian. I believeit. A Sybian is the best gift a man can give hisgirl. "

Stable boy of Trigger

Kudos from Germany

"hi,sorry, my english ist not so perfect, but i want to try to write some words:everybody would think i am crazy about the price for that machine.but it is a 200 % machine ! soooo great !we used it the first time, comfortably withcandlelight, and it takes 4-5 minutes and she got3 or 4 ogasmen.she got out of control and was very happy.thanks for this invention ! "

L.H. aus Deutschland

A Virginia Keeper!!

"Hi, Ijust had to write and tell you how pleased both my wife and I arewith our Sybian. Trust me, my wife wanted no part of that new toywhen she first saw the Sybian. It took me two weeks to persuade herto just try it and give it a chance. Well, she doesn'twant to send it back now. She used it again last night and has beenin a great mood all day today. Thanks for a great machine. She'llnever know what it cost. "

Dan from Virginia

Thanks from AOL!

"Thanks for listening to me today. I again want to tell you howterrific the Sybian is! What orgasms women can have on this wonderfulmachine. I wanted to let you know that if any women and or men outthere want to ask any questions from someone who has a Sybian andstill doesn't believe the testimonials, they can call me and I willGLADLY tell them what a wonderful machine this is for women andcouples to share. My number is (847) 489-4611. Thanks again and Ihope to help spread the word and help your sales a little bit. THANKSAGAIN!!!!! Bill "

Bill at AOL

Double Triumph In Spain!

"Karen, I said we would keep you informed of how we progressed with our purchases. My wife with some degree of trepidation started trying the Sybian over the week end of February 17 with out my presence she took some time with finding the right height / location in our house to be comfortable with before I was present.I in turn started with the Venus the following week this again took some time as I needed to experiment with the controls etc as . I was unable to obtain an erection at all at this point ,even the use of my Osbourn pump couldn't help maintain an erection either, I was able to ejaculate flacid after 90mins or so some times.Four weeks ago Jan suddenly clicked with Sybian when she moved from the medium to the large insert ( with hind sight she should have tried the larger size before ) she just couldn't feel the smaller sizes having been become accustomed to me , all of a sudden Jan started having some very noisy multiple Orgasms !!We have a house in Southern Spain & as we normally don't need to take much luggage decided to take both the Sybian & Venus with us 2.5 weeks a go when we went on holiday. We are lucky to have a secluded sunny garden so spent we several hours most days connected to our various " machines " in the sun . Jan has tracked down a really effective "gag" because of her uncontrollable noise , as she continues to relate more each day to the " fantastic" sensations that the Sybian is creating for her. Two days before we came home Jan decided to give the " Jumbo " a go .Once she had managed to insert all of it I have never seen anything like the effect it had on her , God only knows what happened as far as I was concerned, but the visual effect of the sweat running off her on what was a very warm day as she " rode " the Sybian to one Orgasm after another, this gave me my first erection for months. We made love in the garden & we both agreed it was the best " Sex " we have ever had.At the moment I can gain an erection only while Jan is riding the Jumbo insert. We both feel this is great progress at this stage & hopefully I will be able to use a combination of the Venus & Osbourn & or naturally achieve erections in future , we are delighted that Sybian does it for us both !!We can not understate how the Sybian has helped us both ,thank you so much. I am able to ejaculate after considerable use of the Venus & making love to Jan & the use of the Venus again, so we believe we are getting there !!Sorry for the " ramble " but you where most helpful when we where buying the machines & I said I would keep you informed.I hope you have a great week end & many thanks from us both again.Kindest Regards, "

Shaun in Spain

Continuous In Connecticut!!

"Karen, THANK YOU! I can't start to tell you how incredible your machine is. My wife and I tried it last night and she said that she had the most incredible continuous orgasm she has ever had. She only stopped because it kept going and going. It is everything it is made out to be when you see videos of users on the internet! Thanks again,"


My Secret Valentine

"Hello Karen. I gave my wife of 34 years a Sybian for Valentine's Day. From what I read in the chat room, I am lucky that she was open minded about receiving it as a surprise. I have to tell you, we have both been completely amazed at the pleasure and joy Sybian has given both of us. Her sustained and repeated orgasms have truly been unlike anything she had ever experienced before, and we both thought we had a great sex life to start with! I ordered a couple of different attachments today just to experiment with. My only question for you is, do you have any suggestions for "advanced techniques"? You know human nature - the better something is, the more you want.

PS If it were up to me, I would tell all our friends and relatives about Sybian so they could experience the remarkable pleasure, but my wife is very private and wants to keep the secret to ourselves, at least for now."

The Man from MediaCom

Anonymous from NC speaks!

"karen, just a note to tell you how amazing the sybian is for us. my wife has always liked the "mini G", she would rate it a 10 anyday!! a month ago i purchased a pr of benwa balls- medium weight with loose weights inside and about the size of ping pong balls. well, she decided to pop 'em in and try them with the sybian. she fitted the small insert with the stem inside. can you say FANTASTIC!! i have never seen her eyes glaze over so fast and for so long. she kept the rotation low to medium speed and the vibration medium high. she just "took off" 15 minutes later she was just done, a dishrag, but the smile on her face was a mile wide. it was like nothing she ever experienced, and it has worked many times since. you'll never know if you don't experiment! thanks again for a wonderful machine!! "


The Finger Rocks!

"My wife has had 3 successes, each better than the last, and the last with the finger attachment. She has had a significant problem with comfortable insertion, with hormonal changes after a surgical menopause, as I have described to you previously. She very much enjoyed the insertion with the finger, and the rotation and vibration, to both our great relief and happiness. We are both very hopeful that with continued play time with Sybian, we will be off to the races again together. Thank you for your support, help, making the buying process easy, and thanks to the inventor, for such a life changing product."

Thanks again! JT

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